About Us

Leasehold Doctors was started in 2010 to help fellow leaseholders with issues relating to Flat management.

Although is is possible to dispute any individual charge, or series of charges, experience has shown that any success is short-lived. An individual service charge reduction is frequently followed by a whole new set of charges in subsequent years, and the cycle repeats.

As a result, we now focus solely on RTM acquisition for leaseholders, for improved management and transparent accounting.

About Us

We are Project Managers, not solicitors.

Project Managers that specialise in this area of Law.

With no pre-conceived ideas about hourly pricing, disbursements or ticking taxi-meters

However flat-rate pricing and extensive RTM experience seem to resonate with owners.

After the first 400 RTM companies, we have a few stories to tell…

A major issue with Flat ownership is the inherent conflict of interests when it comes to building maintenance. We do our bit to help balance the system.

The freeholder (landlord) is responsible for providing the service, but has no responsibility for paying for it – that is passed on to the lessees. So for major items such as insurance cover, building upkeep and improvements, the freeholder has no incentive to shop around for price or quality. So we help lessees, who want to be in charge of their investment take charge of it.

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